Rubbish Removal With Covid

We hear a lot of customers surprised that we operate during the pandemic, the reason it’s more dangerous not to remove rubbish outdoors is it can attract rodents, which can cause issues with your health.

Most of the removal jobs we carry out are outdoors, almost all of them, we practise social distancing but also have our own PPE to ensure our customers and staff are safe at all times.

We often operate with multiple staff on the job this is to ensure we are not on your property for any longer than we have to; we respectfully ask all customers to maintain a 2m distance, even outdoors and although we really appreciate the gesture, we cannot accept drinks, refreshments or anything of that nature. We will also never request to use any facilities in your property, with Covid or without.

So if you are ever unsure about the safety measures we put in place, please speak to our team about it today. Holding off on getting rubbish removed could cause health issues in the longer term, cause nuisance to your neighbours and community and also carry a risk of being fined in the event it is causing real issues.

As the restrictions are lifted over the coming months, we do feel customers will have more confidence in using our services but we’d encourage you to speak to us with any concerns you may have or any specific requests you would like us to consider.

Take care,

Rubbish Recycle Removal, Durham.