Responsible Recycling

When we remove rubbish we take careful steps to recycle as much as possible, all our customers can also have the peace of mind that all operators hold all the current and relevant licensing. Please request a copy of the waste disposable license if you want more information.

Once you rubbish is taken away it is sorted into separate bins in preparation for recycling. We work with several suppliers in and around Durham to prevent as much as possible, your waste going to landfill.

We can supply pictures of the items taken away within the recycling plant or their final destination. We are professional operators who will take all available steps to ensure your items are recycled.

If you have any questions on how we operate please do not hesitate to get in touch, we have heard some absolute horror stories of customers being fined due to irresponsible operators fly-tipping their items, which has been traced back to the customer who commissioned the work, even if you don’t use Rubbish Recycle Durham, please ensure your provider is ethical, regulated with licenses and ensuring they are recycling the available items.