Dangers of leaving rubbish too long

We know dealing with rubbish can be a pain in the backside, it’s easier to leave it for better weather, better time or for when you’re in the mood but this can make things so much worse. We’ve put together the top 3 issues that you need to be aware of, get a quote from us to get this sorted for you without waiting at the tip or having to load it yourself.

  1. It starts to decay
    You can often tell when rubbish starts to decay, it populates bacteria and germs which often give off potent smells, this can also come with an array of health issues. It also spreads, smells can often travel to neighbours but also unsanitary conditions can travel into your home when you bring the germs and bacteria in from footwear or touching surfaces which are infected.
  2. Pests start to notice it
    Rats, vermin, cockroaches and other unwanted pests can start to move into your new rubbish pile, this is often the start of something serious; pest control and not rubbish removal. We’ve seen jobs where the infestation was so bad it started to impact their home, making a simple job turn into a costly and majorly inconvenient project.
  3. Fire risk
    Many people don’t consider this until their garden is ablaze, especially in warmer weather where neighbours will have bonfires, barbeques and log burning heating, it often just takes one ember to travel onto dry combustible material and you can be in serious trouble – fire kills, don’t take risks. Rubbish can also prevent escape routes being used and comes with a wide array of tripping risks.

    What can you do?
    The solution is really simple, don’t let it get to this stage; if you want to do it yourself don’t wait, make a day and stick to it. Using a third party supplier like ourselves will do the heavy lifting and responsible removal of waste you require; we’re more affordable than a skip and we do the loading ourselves!